1. hurting yourself isn’t romantic. tearing your skin open whenever you picture his face isn’t love. he won’t save you either.
2. don’t let a boy determine your worth. just because he says you’re one thing does not mean he’s right. you don’t need him to tell you that you’re beautiful for it to be true.
3. just because he says the all right things, does not mean that he’s the right guy. he will say all the right words in all the wrong ways.
4. if he randomly messages you one night telling you how beautiful you are and how much he’s always wanted you, don’t rush things. get to know him. give everything time.
5. his touch may be a shooting star through out your body, but everything burns out eventually.
6. drinking won’t make the pain go away. it may burn your throat and help you forget the way his lips taste and how his name sounds but that’s just temporary. you will remember the next morning and it will hurt even more.
7. don’t burn his letters, but don’t reply to them either. keep them in a box in the attic, let the image of him kissing her fade away. maybe one day you will find them and read right through his bullshit.
8. someone will love you again, even more than he did. so get up, wash your hair, get dressed and go for a walk. life’s too short to wait for him to come back.
9. alcohol won’t make his taste leave your lips just like heroine won’t vanish him from your veins.
10. he made you feel something, and at least that’s something.
11. don’t let him fix your wounds for he is fire and you are ash and he will burn you all over again.
12. his arms may feel like home but I will never leave you homeless

twelve things I wish my mom had told me growing up (via fxuckinq)